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Interview with Richard Cagle

out there and do what they do best." "In between that, a manager has to keep a band focused, give them larger goals and interface with the larger music industry." "You can lose six months work or worse
because of stupid mistakes." Cagle learned his trade from the bottom up. At age 13, he started playing in a rock band with Joe "King" Carrasco in his home town of Dumas, Texas. "We were making money in junior high school," says Cagle. "I've been in a number of bands since then." Cagle quit college to pursue a career as a singer. Although he didn't make it, the decision "set my curriculum" says Cagle. "Anybody who I work with after that had to be better than I was." In 1988, Cagle opened a small studio in Baytown. He began learning the nuts and bolts of
recording. A year later he started his own record label. He recorded several local bands including Elevator Up and Premonition. He learned the basics of distribution and promotion. In 1990, he did a thrash band compilation,
Voices of a Red God.