"Carrying the Torch for the Houston
Music Scene" by Aaron Howard, Public News Cover July 1994, Houston Texas.
How would you bring a band out of the garage to a place where industry
heavies will notice them? That's the central issue for nearly every manager or performing artist in the music
business. Richard Cagle, who manages Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys, says the answers to that question don't come from a book. Cagle started playing in a rock band when he was in the seventh grade. He's
successfully opened his own studio, started a record label, and currently works with DIVE and Wonderland.
Networking is the key says Cagle.
"Networking is learning about what other people know," says Cagle. "You can read books on aspects of the music business, but they don't tell you how to network." "The whole music industry is about a three minute song. Ultimately, a band has to go