Phyneas Gauge's I'm OK, Your on Fire is considered Martini Rock. Imagine college alternative with a touch of lounge swing. You'll love it!! Includes; Astronaut Girl, Sushi, Foreplay, Clint, Walking Away, etc.
MON2501 CD $15.00

DIVE's Exhibit A, mixes the influences of Tool and the Chili Peppers. Twisted, complicated, and real. Featuring Eddie Dickie one of the most charismatic singers in the scene today. Includes; Osmant, Burned, Twitch, etc.
PUL0022 CD $15.00

Voices of a Red God, a compilation of Texas and Louisiana Thrash bands. Includes; Dead Horse, Soilent Green, Morbid Scream, plus 12 more.
Red Vinyl collector's edition $75.00
CD $15.00 Cass $10.00 T-Shirt $15.00